Trip to Asia

Friday 14/8/2015

Hello to all the collectors,art and opium lovers,and please read carefully the report on my last annual trip to Asia.It is the first time since 1972,date of my first trip in those places that I come back with almost empty hands.

Whether you go now to China,Vietnam,Cambodia,Laos,Malaysia,Indonesia or Thailand,there are no longer any good or real objects concerning opium for sale anymore at a decent price.
If there is anything with ivory people are panicking since the laws have changed and one now does jail time for posession or dealing with objects in ivory.
Many dampers,pipes or lamps are made yesterday and artificially aged and sold for old pieces.

Your only option today is to buy from existing collections or auctions.
Good luck on your search,and,if you find any worthwhile objects,I am always a potential buyer.